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4 Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Do you own a business?  Does it need a new A/C system? Let us help you determine which system is best for you. Commercial HVACR systems are not a one size fits all. Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t worry, our Pros are here to help you decide what will work with the most efficiency to keep your workplace comfortable.

 Duct-Free Split System Air Conditioners

A duct-free split system air conditioner employs the same basic technology as a standard central air split system. Where standard split systems use ducts to move conditioned air into rooms throughout a building, a duct-free system indoor unit must be placed directly in the rooms they are intended to cool.  In the duct-free model, the blower is contained in the indoor unit itself, which allows it to blow conditioned cool air into the room. Be aware that these systems can be noisy and unsuitable for customer friendly environments. However, these systems are a great fit for workshops, industrial buildings and other open areas where most of the work is done in a single room.

 Packaged System Air Conditioners

Packaged system air conditioners contain all of the major components of an air conditioner in one unit.  Split systems hold the compressor and condenser coils in the outdoor unit, whereas the evaporator is kept inside the home to absorb heat from the air. A packaged A/C unit is great for large commercial buildings.  The all-in-one package makes installs easier, especially since most packaged air conditioners used in commercial work are located on the rooftop of the business, or against a wall that does not face in the direction most visitors will be coming from when they enter the building.

 Ductless Mini Split System Air Conditioners

Ductless mini split system air conditioners are quite similar to the duct-free split system air conditioners mentioned earlier in this article. A major point of difference is that they’re smaller and make less noise. As such, ductless mini split system air conditioners can help owners of smaller commercial spaces enjoy the convenience of a ductless system without making such drastic compromises to the appearance of their space. It should be noted that these systems are best used for smaller areas. Large rooms or buildings can require the installation of multiple ductless mini split system AC units before they will be able to cool the space efficiently, which can reduce the cost-effectiveness of these models. 

 Standard Ducted Split System Air Conditioners

The standard ducted air conditioners possess an indoor unit, an outdoor unit, and a series of ducts that move treated air into the rooms where it is needed. In addition to the care required for other system types, ducted split system owners should arrange to have professionals visit and clean their ducts on a yearly basis. This prevents unwanted matter from building up to the point where it can compromise air quality or impede flow. Ducted split systems tend to be among the most energy-efficient system types for large spaces, as they provide even cooling in every vented room when properly maintained.

Think of Your Space When Comparing Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Does your commercial business need to provide a certain ambience for customers? Is it a utilitarian workspace where atmosphere comes second to the work being done? Is it a large space that requires even cooling throughout? Or is it a small one with no room for ducts? Answering these questions will help you determine the types of commercial air conditioning systems that will be viable options for you. Contact our licensed professionals for additional information on installing and caring for these various system types.  Contact us here at Florida Air Care, our customers love our attention to detail and our friendly, affordable service. 

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