A Florida summer heat can be hard to predict! But, you just know it will be hot no matter what. The Florida summer can raise havoc on your AC or your HVAC. Call us at Florida Air Care to do a complete inspection and replace any parts that are worn down. It may be in your best interest to purchase a new AC or HVAC for  energy savings if your current one is old and malfunctioning.

Is 72° a good temperature for air conditioning?

There is an ideal  summer thermostat setting!

For most people, the normal comfort zone temperature sits around 72-73 degrees—but an air conditioner isn’t a highly scientific machine. … Setting the thermostat at 78 degrees typically keeps enough coolair in the room for comfort.

What temperature should I set my air conditioner in summer in Florida?

As Florida starts warming in the spring and summer, we recommend keeping your thermostat between 76 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit during the day if you or your loved ones are home. If your home is mostly vacant during the day, you can set your thermostat a few degrees higher to save energy.

What temp should you set your AC when away?

So, to save money and energy while you’re away in the summer, set your thermostat to 88°F  (31° C). The higher interior temperature actually slows the flow of heat into your home, so it won’t take as much energy to cool things back down as you think when you return home.

Does a programmable thermometer help?

Setting your thermostat as low as possible will reduce your energy bill. When you forget to adjust your thermostat, your air conditioning system keeps working hard and sucking up more energy.

It can be hard to remember when you’re supposed to change the thermostat settings, which is where a programmable thermostat comes in handy.

A programmable thermostat will change the thermostat temperature when you need it without you having to think about it. This will save you more money in the long run.

Avoid Using the Oven during a Florida summer!




If you have to do any baking, do it in the morning or the evening when the temperature is cool. Using the over during the day can heat up the entire room. It’s amazing how much using the oven, dryer, or even the overhead kitchen lights can warm up the house.