Many professionals say that, roughly, an Florida AC system should last about 15-20 years. AC units last less time than furnaces – 15 years as opposed to 20 years – because they are typically outdoors and subject to weather extremes. In Florida, as with other hot, humid coastal areas, AC units tend to last even less: closer to 8-14 years, due to the salt, sulfur, and other natural chemicals in the air. Again, though, your mileage may vary. Factors are the make, model and where you live! No matter what your have, we at Florida Air Care can assist you!

If you’ve purchased an air conditioning system recently or you are wondering if you need a new AC unit, it can be helpful to know just how long an air conditioner unit is supposed to last.

So how long do AC units last? Turns out, that isn’t an easy question to answer. Let’s see the facts and factors….

Factors That Affect the Lifespan of an HVAC Unit

AC units and HVAC systems in general (the whole system, including the heating unit) vary widely in terms of their lifespan, based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Who the manufacturer is
  • What kind of unit it is
  • How big the unit is
  • How well you maintain the unit
  • How often the unit is used
  • The environment in which you live

Why Can AC Maintenance Do to Help Your Unit Last Longer?

Some AC professionals argue that regular maintenance is the key difference between an AC unit that lasts for 25 years and one that gives up after 10 years.

Air conditioner maintenance tasks might include:

  • Changing the filter once a month
  • Getting seasonal tune-ups every year (usually at the beginning of the season when you’ll be using it most)
  • Removing any debris that builds up around the unit
  • Checking/replacing the insulation as necessary

Properly maintaining your AC system can extend the lifespan of your unit by several years even in South Florida’s harsh conditions. Constant exposure to natural elements such as storms or very hot days can cause internal parts to deteriorate faster than the manufacturer intended.

We suggest our Florida residents have their AC units tuned up at least once a year; this can prevent costly unexpected repair cost in the future. We’re ready to take your call for us to come service your AC unit!

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